Barbie 28"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE! THESE 28" BARBIES! I have a few. Many will stay in their original boxes. I am currently sewing for these dolls as well as enhancing 18" American Girl type clothing for this size Barbie.

I just started working on this page, I hope you will enjoy what is here and come back again, and again, to see what is added.

More Articulation

I am happy to see that some of the 28" Barbie Dolls have arms that are articulated at the shoulder, elbow and hands. It sure makes it more fun to pose Barbie in Fun and Functional ways.

Can 28" Barbie Fit 18" Doll Clothes?

The Answer is Yes. The Answer is No.
It depends on the outfit. Many of the 18" Doll Clothes need just a little bit of Tailoring before they look just right on a 28" Barbie; but some of the 18" Clothing will fit the 28" Barbie just right.

Most of the differences in the doll's sizes are the longer legs and arms on the 28" Barbie. The torso is also a bit longer.

Can 28" Barbie Use 18" OG Doll Accessories?

Again, the Answer is Yes, and No. It really depends on the item. 28" Barbie can sit into the 18" American Girl sized Beauty Saloon Chair, but her legs stick very far out. The 18" My Life Doll sized Bicycle is to little for 28" Barbie. However, some of the other 18" Doll Accessories work PERFECT for the 28" Barbie Doll.

28" Barbie Hacks and Crafts

28" Barbie Rainbow Sparkle

I will be adding photos and ideas, information and patterns soon.

The contents of this page for Barbie 28" is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
Thu, 05 Sep 2019 09:23:22 -0400

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