Barbie My Size 36" 37" 38" Disney Princesses

These are among my Favorites! I have several of these, in my Living Room, and they take up room. Wink We already have several Videos on how to make clothing for this doll, as well as how to take clothing and Taylor it for these sized Dolls.

Ideas for Clothing for a 36" to 38" Barbie and or Disney Doll

Clothing for these Dolls (any doll) can really be expensive. So I came up with my own ideas of how to dress these girls. I LOVE Crafting and Sewing for these Large Dolls. In this first Video I show ideas of how to make Clothing for the Large Dolls for $1 OR LESS!

Many of us are not financially wealthy enough to buy brand new dolls, and a few outfits each. But that does not mean we can not enjoy Doll Collecting too. Nor does it mean that children can not have dolls. If you shop around, check Thrift Stores and Garage Sales, you will find about any doll you are looking for...that is if you are patience, and keep looking. I did not think I would be able to own ONE of the very large, 38" Barbies, now I own several.

You do not have to sew well or be a seamstress to make doll clothes. Nor do you have to spend a fortune on them. Reusing, Repurposing, using Fabric left overs, can create a WARDROBE for a doll.

A few more ideas of how to Make and Create Clothing for the 36" to 38" Barbie and Disney Dolls.

Shopping in Garage Sales and Thrift Stores is VERY GOOD for the Environment!

I will be adding more photos and more to this page....thanks for visiting.

The contents of this page for Barbie My Size 36" 37" 38" Disney Princesses is still under construction. (and since setting up this page, I have bought even more of the 38" Barbies and Disney Dolls. Please check back later.

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
Thu, 05 Sep 2019 09:27:39 -0400

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