Barbie 17" and 18"

These two Barbie Types could not be more different, and yet, still Barbies.

Barbie 18 Inch 1976

I LOVE the Vintage 18" Barbie and Barbie as Pocahontas. I have a few of these and have learned to make them shoes...since not one came with shoes, and clothing. I will add more photos, ideas and information on them here soon.

Barbie 17 Inch Dreamtopia

The 17" Dreamtopia Barbie is so danged Pretty! She comes in both the Blonde and Brunette with darker skin, versions. I have both. And. Again, I will be making shoes for this doll. I bought one 'used' and of course, she came w/o shoes. I will also be making these dolls clothing and will share ideas and information on this page....very soon!

The 17 Inch Dreamtopia Barbies are very articulated. This really makes it fun to set up 'Photo Shoots' with this doll. Finding clothing for this doll, not so easy...but if you like to sew and create, THIS might be a GREAT doll for you.

Finding Clothing and Shoes for the 17" and 18" Barbies

Each of these dolls can, with Tailoring, 18" American Girl type clothing. I find it fun to Tailor and Embellish these items, mostly Dresses, for the Barbies. Many times you can find the 18" Doll Clothing at Garage Sales or on ebay for less than it would cost for the fabric to make the outfit from scratch.

You can also Tailor 18" Doll Clothing Patterns and make items for these sized Barbies.

1/4 and with a small bit of tailoring 1/3 BJD Doll Clothes many times will fit either of these Barbie sizes. With the styles they make for these BJDs, boy! Just be prepared to pay for the details.

Making Clothing for the 17" and 18" Barbie Dolls

Surprisingly, even with the two types of Barbie Bodies between the Vintage 1976 Barbie and the 2015 Dreamtopia Barbie, some of the same clothing can fit them both.

There are some very simple outfits that are really cute on these two Barbie Types.

There are some very easy, very simple, ideas for making outfits to fit about any Dolls. In this video I show how to make a few. I will be adding more ideas and patterns to these pages soon.

More ideas for Clothing for Barbie and other (almost any doll size) in this video.

much more to come

Shoes For Large Barbies

Shoes for Vintage and Antique Dolls is usually a dilemma. I have a few ideas and will add more over time, of not only how to make shoes for these Large Barbies, but also some other ideas.

I took Monster High Doll, opened toed that is, and tried them on the 17" Barbie....they work, unless you are looking for that 'Cinderella fit'. I later cut a pair of Monster High Doll Boots down to make my Dreamtopia Barbie Sandals.

Supersize and Dreamtopia Endless Hair Barbie Videos

I have several videos on our Youtube Channel, Dolls Rescued, with each of the two types of 17" 18" Barbies in them, I also have some videos that focus on these two types of dolls.

This is an 'unboxing' of a 17" Doll. I was actually looking for a Nikki, the same doll as the 17" Barbie, basically, but with dark hair and dark eyes.

Dressing For The Holidays ~ Several Holidays

You might notice that my 17" Barbie is in MANY of my Videos. She really is one of my Favorite Dolls! I love the size, the hair, the articulation, the face, she just, to me, seems to have that "Hippy Spirit". Here are a few of my Holiday Highlights Videos that this doll has a part in: (if you go to my Youtube Channel, you will find more Holiday Highlight Videos and she is probably in them too)

Much more to come on Clothing and Shows for these GREAT Dolls coming this page. Photos, ideas, information and more...

18" Barbie's Pocahontas

When they made the 18" Barbie they also, a couple years later, a Pocahontas. I have one of mine in this Video. You can see I redressed her in an outfit as an American Indian would have wore back then.

This Video also Highlights my 17" Barbie, dressed for Thanksgiving.

The contents of this page for Barbie 17" and 18" is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
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