Easy Doll Clothing Crafts

There are many different types of Doll Crafts. Something for EVERYONE, some so easy a young child could not only enjoy, but do well.

Granted, there are some DETAILED, ONLY FOR THE MOST ADVANCED Crafters, items...but I'm not that person. So on this page I will give a few ideas, information and photos of EASY Doll Crafts. Mostly Clothing, but also some, what they now call, Hacks, will be included here.


If you go to our Youtube Channel, Dolls Rescued, I did TWO FULL WEEKS of Different Types of Doll Crafts on Different Dolls, from 11 1/2" Barbie to 38" Barbie, with many, MANY in between. You could use ANY types of fabrics for these Crafts, not just the Holiday Prints I show.

Beginner Crafters

Some crafts are easier than others. The Crafts in this section were set up, by me of course, specially for children, including, but not limited to, my 6 y/o Granddaughter.

In fact I have set up videos so that, long distance, I can do Doll Crafts with not only my 6 y/o Granddaughter, but also an 8 y/o and 10 y/o. I sent them the items needed, set up a video and we 'craft together'.

coming soon

Dolls and Barbie Shoes

This is a Craft that I had to learn so that my Dolls Rescued could have shoes. Not only are Doll Shoes expensive, but not so easy to find in the right sizes.

Barbie now comes with so MANY different sizes and shapes to her foot, not even the shoe packets from Mattel cover them all. Worse, not every Barbie comes with shoes any more.

There are several different ways to make Doll Shoes. And I think I have tried most.

more on shoes coming soon

Simple Doll Dresses

coming, promise this is coming

The Fabric Circle Outfit

These are especially good for a 11 1/2" Barbie/Fashion Dolls.

By taking a plate, of different sizes, with a piece of fabric, preferably stretch fabric that does not fray, and tracing a circle on the fabric of the plate, cutting that out and so so so many different types of outfits can be made. Dresses, Skirts, Capes, and more.

more to come...

The Tube or Sock Dress

These are GREAT for Barbie and other Fashion Dolls. The fabric, sock, or headband that you use for the dress needs to be stretch fabric and non fraying. If the tube/sock/headband is the right size, just slide it on the doll....but you can also adjust the size, and adorn the dress.

Balloon Clothing

Yes. I said... BALLOON Clothing. These are for the smaller Barbies or other small Fashion Dolls.

Someone VERY clever came up with this fun, inexpensive, but not so easy task.

Making the items, that is cutting them to ready them for the Doll Body, is not so hard. Getting them ON the doll, not so easy. Dolls with rubber legs, really a challenge. But who does not like a good challenge?

more to come...

18" American Girl and or Barbie Eye Glasses

You can purchase Eye Glasses for some sized dolls pretty inexpensive. It might surprise you to know that Barbie's Glasses can fit several other doll types/brands and sizes; The 18" Doll Glasses not only fit all the 18" Dolls, like the Our Generation Dolls, they also fit others, such as 24" Bratz, 28" Barbies as well as Charmin Chatty and other dolls around that same size.

To make YOUR dolls Glasses different from everyone else's; There are some things you can do to 'Sparkle Them Up'.

1. Paint the front of the glasses with glue, dip in Glitter, any color you choose or a mix of two or more colors, and let dry.

2. Paint with Fingernail Polish, let dry.

3. Paint the nose piece with White Out for that 'Broken Glasses/Nerdy' Look.

4. Add self stick Findings to the sides and front of the little glasses.

more to come

Troll Doll Outfits

Troll Dolls have odd bodies to clothe. They were sold Nude. It was part of their whole persona. But Troll Dolls are so fun to Craft with...

I have a whole page full of ideas, instructions, patterns and information for Troll Doll Clothing set up on this website. So I won't add these on this page; Please see the Troll Dolls page on this site.

Much More Coming Soon
....and PLEASE check out of Doll Craft and Hacks Videos on Youtube...see 'Our Doll Videos' page.

The contents of this page for Easy Doll Clothing Crafts is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
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