Baby Alive Doll

Baby Alive Dolls on Store Shelf

Baby Alive Dolls are VERY popular dolls. Not just for Collecting, not just for Play, but also Crafters who are, more and more, drawn to these cute little Interactive Dolls with the Magnetic Moving, Talking, Eating, Drinking, Wetting and Pooping abilities.

I am AMAZED how well made these dolls are. I have bought Vintage Baby Alives that were well played with, and they still work, still talk, their eyes (the models that have open and closing eyes) work well. I am amazed how well the paint holds on these dolls faces. Hat Tips to Hasbro for making toys that are made to last when, and after children play with.

Drink and Wet Dolls have been around for a very long time, however, Baby Alive Dolls, originally made by Kenner, came out in 1973, they were unique in that, not only do they Drink and Wet, they also eat food and poo. There are even recipes on the Internet to make up your own food.

If you buy a used Baby Alive Doll, BE SURE TO CLEAN IT OUT, REALLY CLEAN OUT THE 'STOMACH', before anything else. Many times, Baby Alives found at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales, are very 'nasty' on the inside. However, cleaned out well, they usually work well. It is amazing how 'tough' these dolls were/are built.

Our Baby Alive Hunt

When I started this page I only had two Baby Alive Dolls in my Doll Collection. One came to me, 'pretty clean' on the inside, another, came to me....."I don't even want to talk about how dirty", but cleaned up very well with warm water and white vinegar....many times through the doll. I CLEAN EVERY SINGLE USED BABY ALIVE ON THE INSIDE (and out) AS SOON AS I BRING THEM HOME. I highly recommend that anyone buying a used Baby Alive Doll, no matter where it comes from, does/will do, the same....that is, CLEAN IT FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

On our Youtube Channel, Dolls Rescued, I had a request for Baby Alive Hacks and Crafts. I got right on that. However, since I only had two Baby Alive Dolls at the time, and I knew that the Baby Alive Dolls came/come in different sizes with different abilities, I needed more <"needed", grins and winks>, so off we went on "A Hunt". I hope you enjoy this Video.

Children, Collectors AND Crafters love these dolls. Crafters are making everything from Bottles, Pacifiers to Clothes, Hats, Blankets and Beds. Baby Alive Dolls are a GREAT opportunity for Grandmothers and other Crafters to teach young children to start Crafting for these dolls. Some of the Craft Ideas are as simple as cutting up a Sock for Clothing.

Some of this dolls popularity has sadly dwindled, however, because of the new, Reborn Dolls.

I know, I know, I need more photos on this page and every page.....I promise you we are working on it! Wink Please Visit this Website Often.

Our Videos

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our Videos cover more than just one Craft and or Hack idea. Please take a minute and watch them. Please consider adding a 'like' and 'subscribe'. We, at this time do not get paid for our time, ideas, information, crafting materials, or money we have in our dolls that we show. By becoming a subscribers you help us reach the numbers we need to receive advertising on our Channel. THAT is how we can continue to make and share our videos.

Cleaning Baby Alive Dolls

Every Baby Alive Doll should be cleaned well and cleaned often. Not just the face and bottom areas, the whole doll and insides too. There are many ways to Clean a Baby Alive Doll.

The 'food stuff' you put into the doll may be nontoxic, but when left inside the doll can grow mold, mildew and who knows what else. It is important to not just run a drink through the doll, but to also clean it well.

If you buy used, CLEAN IT from inside out. Below is how WE do it, but we can NOT be responsible for how you interpret our instructions and information. We are not there to see how you are doing are on your own.

This section coming soon.....I am planning to do a Youtube Video on how we clean our Baby Alive Dolls. Those that just Drink and Wet with painted hair, as well as those that eat, with working parts, that also talk, that have rooted hair.

First and Foremost....TAKE OUT ANY BATTERIES. If the area around the Battery is corroded, there are ways to clean this up. However, as you clean the doll, try to keep water out of the 'works' areas.

I use very warm water (hot will melt the tubes inside the doll) and white vinegar on the inside of the doll, putting it through the feeding tube. I also use the vinegar and very warm water on the area that the batteries were inside of.

When cleaning the feeding tube area it is a good idea to set the Doll over a bowl, so that you can see just what and how much comes out of the bottom area of the doll. This will give you a great idea of what you are dealing with as well as you can tell when the area 'runs clean'.

Some times it takes 3 or 4 'passes', that is, putting the water and vinegar through the doll, to loosen the dried foods within. Make sure you keep cleaning until you believe it is clean, then run it through a few more might be surprised what drops out of the bottom.

I have also found that you need to keep running warm water, or warm vinegar through the doll several times more, even after you think it is clean. I have had chunks come out of the dolls when I thought the water should run clean. Not all clogs stop water from running well though the doll. Not all clogs stop the doll from having food stuff run through. Keep rinsing. You may be surprised what comes out.

YES! BUGS CAN, AND SOMETIMES DO, GET INSIDE A DIRTY BABY ALIVE'S INSIDES. Any time you leave food set out, or in this case, leave a mess inside this doll, it is an open INVITATION for bugs to Come and Dine. Even if you do not think you have bugs in your home, it is amazing, but you can still get bugs inside your doll.

Further. Many times there are bug eggs in Flour and other food stuff that some people make Baby Alive Food out of. These, when not cooked, can and often do, hatch out inside of the doll.

more to come

Cleaning Grimy Dirt, Markers and Paint off of the Doll

lots more to come on this subject, but for now.....Magic Eraser!


When you clean your Baby Alive Doll be sure to take your time and not get any water, or other fluids into the 'works'. Rinse with a fresh bowl of warm water after the washing is over. You might even use a clean Wash Cloth to rinse the doll off.

I highly recommend a large bowl of Warm Water, Liquid Soap a Wash Cloth and Time. Take your time. Go slow washing these dolls and do a good job the first time.

For really dirty dolls, just wash, rewash and wash again. You will probably want to use a Soft Bristle Toothbrush to clean fingers, toes and parts of the face.

For any Paint, Marker or Pen marks on the Doll....Start with Magic Eraser. Magic Eraser gets most of this off without too much 'elbow grease'.

If the doll smells like Mold or Mildew I highly recommend GOOP Hand Cleaner. I LOVE GOOP. I only use the Original. Goop smells good, is environmentally friendly, non toxic, and cleans very well. I have, for strong mildew smelling dolls, slathered GOOP on the doll, especially in the hair, and left it set for an hour or more. I have repeated when necessary. THIS has worked VERY well for me in the past.

I know it sounds really strange, but for marker or pen or even paint that just won't come out, try.....Pimple Cream, I buy the cheap stuff for this. Believe it or not! It Works! I have left this set on problem areas for 2 weeks, then added more and left it sit for another week. No damage to the doll, and it will get the area clean. Some people put this on dolls then set them in the direct sun light. I don't. To me, it just seems like you could do further damage doing this. Be sure to wash and rinse the area after using this, or any sort of cleaners.

When Your Baby Alive Gets Clogged

Sometimes a Baby Alive will Clog. Sometime, if bought used, a Baby Alive will need to be unclogged during the first cleaning.

DIAPERS THAT ARE TOO TIGHT CAN CLOG A BABY ALIVE DOLL. If you Baby Alive Doll is wearing Diapers or Panties that are too tight, the area where the 'waste' comes out will be blocked. The longer the hole is blocked the more dry the foods become, this will clog the doll.

How do you unclog a Baby Alive inner works? How clogged is the doll?

I treat my Baby Alive Dolls like our Coffee Pot. I run White Vinegar through them. For the Baby Alives, I add very warm, but not hot water to the Vinegar. After running the Vinegar through the doll, I rinse several times with warm water.

I know some people use soaps, and that is probably fine. The Vinegar not only cleans the items it is used on very well, it also removes hard to clean areas and removes bacteria and viruses, mold and mildew. It is also not harmful to people like other cleaners can be. NEVER MIX VINEGAR WITH OTHER CLEANERS!

It can take some time to unclog some dolls. And some of what comes out of the dolls is quite gross to look at.

If your doll is extra clogged I have seen people blow, with their mouth against the doll's, mouth. I do NOT recommend this, but if you are going to do this, do it only after YOU HAVE CLEANED AND DISINFECTED THE DOLLS FACE AND INSIDE THE MOUTH.

I have also seen people use a Air Compressor blowing the Doll from the mouth, and from the bottom of the doll: WARNING! My husband has an Air Compressor and uses it mostly for blowing up Bicycle Tires and Cleaning the Shop and Garage, we know the Strength and Force that Air Compressors have....YOU COULD BLOW UP THE DOLL'S WORKINGS USING AN AIR COMPRESSOR.

more to come

Cleaning the Battery Area

Cleaning CAREFULLY with very warm White Vinegar can take the corrosion out of the battery area. You must be VERY careful to do this slowly and not get the Vinegar or any Rinse Water inside the doll.

I use a SOFT Bristled Tooth Brush and a Human Baby Bottle Nipple Brush (you will need one of these to keep your Baby Alive's Repaired Bottle Nipples Clean).

Use VERY little liquids on the brush to clean. Wipe up with a Dry Rag as you clean. If you use a piece of old t-shirt, you can really clean/scrub with that rag too.


After you have cleaned out the Battery area well, rinse it well. Rinse the same way you washed. Little by Little. Do not let water run into the battery area, EVER. Leave the area open for several hours to make sure that it is completely dry. If liquid is left behind, corroding starts again.

I have seen and heard of more than a few Baby Alive Dolls that started working again after the owners cleaned the Battery Area thoroughly. Fresh Batteries after cleaning is also a very good idea. (Why put dirty batteries back into the doll to start the process all over again?)

Repairing Doll Hair

I have to tell you. I have fixed doll hair that I thought was just going to be a waste of time! I really thought that there was no way that the doll's hair would 'comb out', not alone, lay flat again. I am amazed, AMAZED, what a little time and care can do to make a doll that looks like it is heading to the Trash Can, look like NEW!

A while back I did a video on how to fix "Fried Hair" on Dolls. My video is a bit different than most. I used, for this doll's really bad hair, oil and a nylon stocking. I don't think a doll's hair could be much worse than this doll's hair was.

I have other videos and plan one for Baby Alive, where I use, many different treatments for doll hair. Goop, Human Hair Conditioner, Fabric Softner....there are many ways to fix their hair, some better than others and some treatments needed for certain problems.

Goop Hand Cleaner works GREAT on mold and or mildew, for instance.

I do love what I call The Downy Dip, that is soaking knotted and tangled doll hair in Downy Fabric Softner, it not only works to get the knots and tangles out of the hair, it also softens it as well as SMELLS SO GOOD! I have noticed that where the doll is sitting, the area around it also smells so fresh and nice.

If you use Human Hair Conditioner on a Doll's Hair, you do NOT need high end products. The cheap stuff works about as well as any. If you have those little bottles of Human Hair Conditioner from Hotel Rooms when you traveled, those work very well.

more to come

Crafting for Baby Alive Dolls

I will say that THIS doll above most others offers MANY learning experiences for a child. It starts with caring for the doll like a human baby. It blooms to taking care of the mechanics of the doll. Not just cleaning out the inners from the foods put through the doll, but also the battery area, and keeping the doll clean. There is care involved in a doll with moving parts and mechanics that one such as this have. Then comes the CRAFTS that this doll gives opportunity for. It will need diapers, I recommend Cloth, another learning experience that helps the environment, training children to not only care, but think about Cloth Diapers when they are old enough for their own children. Teaching a young child to sew clothing for the doll is also teaching a life long craft that this young person can use for a lifetime.

Teaching a Non Crafter to enjoy Crafts is not only rewarding for the teacher, but a life long tool for the person learning. From learning how to replace a button to coming up with ideas on a tight budget, crafting is not just about cute items set around the house.

This video has a couple of easy Baby Alive Headband ideas, as well as shows what upcoming Baby Alive Videos will show.


Changing a Doll's Clothing is part of the fun of owning a doll. Making your own clothing for your dolls is not only fun, it is a craft you might use for life.

Baby Alive Dolls are a good sized doll for kids to lean to not only do crafts for the doll, but to sew for it. Sewing by hand does not take too long and learning by machine is a quick craft, fast reward.

Of course you can purchase clothing for your dolls....but why not try your hand at crafting, some one of a kind, clothing for your Baby Alive?

Repurposing Human Baby and other Human Clothing to Make Outfits for Baby Alive

It is certainly fun to shop in Fabric Stores. But Fabric can not only be expensive, you will only need small amounts for Doll Crafts. I often use items that used to be Human Clothing or Fabrics bought at Garage Sales. If you know someone that sews, ask them to save their 'scraps', most Crafters will be thrilled to have someone to use the pieces that are still new, just not needed for their project.

I also shop for Doll Craft Fabrics in the Clearance Clothes Isles. Many times I have found Leggins, I buy the biggest size they have, for $1 - $3. Buying the Human Leggins gives me expensive fabric at a bargain, and I can use them for several Doll Projects.

Most of the items/Crafts/Patterns on this site are my own, made by me. I do ask that you use them for your own use, not sell the Patterns and or items made up from them. Thank You.

more to come on where to find or how to use clothing to make doll clothes

The Bandana Shirt

When I was pregnant with my oldest son in 1977, McCall's Magazine had the CUTEST Pattern for a little shirt made out of a Bandana. I can not tell you how many of those shirts I made for him and my other children, as well as gifts for others. I scaled that Pattern down and once in a while use a Bandana for the fabric. I still call it 'The Bandana Shirt'.

This is such an easy and fast Craft. You really do not even need a Pattern as such, you just need to know how to fold the fabric and where to cut.

In this Video I have the Shirt and Matching Lined Reusable Cloth Diapers PLUS other Diaper Craft Hacks.

Easy Sun Dress

These are so easy to make. These are so fast to make. We wore these Dresses on Summer Days back in the 1950s and 1960s. Most of us had them in many different colors. You do not need much fabric at all. For the Ties you can use ribbon, cord, fabric, any sort of trims that can be tied at the shoulder, or about anything that can tie, such as shoe strings.

measurements of different sized Baby Alive Dolls for the fabric and instructions to sew coming soon

Face Paint Fairy Dress and Recycled Diaper Holder

coming soon

Night Shirt and Reusable Diaper for Panty Liner

This Video is how to make Baby Alive an outfit. Using a Human Baby Shirt, and a piece of Polar Fleece to make a Diaper that you can line with a Panty Liner.

Sock Clothing

I get such a kick out of kids today....those that think they invented clothing for dolls made from socks. We did this back in the 1960s and it was our Mothers and Grandmothers that showed us how to make them. This leaves me to believe that dolls have been dressing in human socks since there were socks and dolls.

You can use old socks, socks that lost their mates, new socks, holiday socks, any socks for these projects.

more coming soon

Free Pattern For Our (made by Marna) Crochet Dress and Panties

I love to Crochet. I make most, almost all, of my own patterns. This little Pattern is easy, quick and fun.

I do ask that this FREE Pattern is used only for personal use and not made up to be sold for your profit. Thank You.

I am 'tweeking' the Pattern I made 'one more time' before uploading it here. It's almost ready, please check back.

Halter Top/Dress

Baby Alive Crochet Outfits

This is an easy, fast to make, cute little outfit for Baby Alive or other baby dolls.

Baby Alive Crochet Dress or Halter Top (Depending on how long you make the front)

chain (ch) 40 single stitch (ss) in 39 stitches
repeat for 3 rounds
Slip Stitch 14, ch 2 then 1 1/2 Stitch in 12 turn
1 1/2 stitch in 14 for 2 more round turn
1 1/2 stitch increasing at first and last stitch, also increase one stitch in middle turn
1 1/2 stitch increasing in first and last stitch plus two more increases in about the middle of row
1 1/2 stitch the next round with one extra stitch in the first stitch. Then after reaching the end of row, chain 15 turn
1 1/2 stitch in each of the chains as well as each of the first part, chain 15, turn
1 1/2 stitch in each of the chains as well as all of the first stitches, turn
chain 5 skip on stitch and loop in, chain 5, skip one stitch and loop in, chain 5 skip one stitch and loop end....continue to end of row, turn
chain 5, loop into the loop at top, continue to end of dress til leanth you would like the Dress to be on your Doll.
I do 6 or 7 rounds


Baby Alive Crochet Top and Panties

You can use this Pattern to make Matching Panties for the Dress or Top (pattern above) Or you can make these just for fun. Picking out the colors is all part of the fun of Crocheting for Dolls!

This is an easy and fast Patten that Beginners might enjoy. It is based on a 13" Vintage Baby Alive Doll.

There is another Patten for this same idea below, that is a little larger for adding snaps to each side for a Diaper, rather than Panties.

CAUTION!: WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY 'ACCIDENTS', THAT IS WASTE SPILLING OUT OF THE DIAPER OR PANTIES THAT YOU HAVE MADE FROM OUR PATTERNS! We are not there to help you sew. We have no idea how you interpreted the Ideas and Patterns or how you executed them. We also have No Idea what or how much you put into your Baby Alive's come out Bottom. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN WITH THESE CRAFTS.

This pattern can easily be adjusted just by holding the diaper, as you work on it, up to the Doll it is being made for. This pattern could be adjusted to fit many different types and brands of dolls.

Chain 27
1 1/2 Stitch in each of the chain and repeat 2 more rows
on the 4th row, increase 2 stitches turn
row 4 decrease 2 stitches
row 5 decrease 4 stitches
row 6 decrease 3 stitches
row 7 decrease 2 stitches
row 8 decrease 4 stitches
row 9 decrease 5 stitches
row 10 decrease 2 stitches
now add one stitch in each row for 7 rows (check to make sure on the doll you are crocheting the Diaper for
follow the directions back up from row 10 to row 4 BACKWARDS, in other words you are adding to make the sides match the last 3 rows are even as they were to start.
Slip Stitch each side of the Panties together and tie off.

Shorts with Trim

FREE Pattern Coming

Headband to Match Outfits

These are really cute. You can make them to Match your Doll's Dress/Panties or Diaper (patterns here on this page) or make any color(s) just for fun.

This pattern will fit several sizes of Baby Alive Dolls, but it was based on a 13" Vintage Baby Alive Doll.

Chain 4
1 1/2 stitch in 3, repeat until the Headband fits snug around the dolls head, or is approx. 12" long.
Slip Stitch the two ends together, make sure the Headband is flat and not twisted (although if you made it longer and twisted it several times, this too would make a cute Headband).
Sew on a Bow, or Button, an Artificial Flower, or any other 'Finding' you might have.

Bibs and or Burp Pads

coming soon

Diapers ~ Reusable ~

I have several Diaper Patterns with Information and Ideas listed below. I hope you will consider using Cloth Diapers for your Baby Alive Dolls.

One thing I did NOT like about this doll, when I first saw it, was that it had Disposable Diapers. You many not think that this doll would be an impact on our environment....but think again. Think how very popular this doll is, how many must have sold over the 50 years it has been out, and how many are still selling.

When Disposable Diapers first came out I remember my Dad was so upset about it. And I quote, "Now we are going to wrap baby poop (not the real word he used) and pee (not the real word he used) up in plastic and throw it out into our landfills!" At the time, I rolled my eyes. I did use Cloth Diapers, when people barely heard of such a thing any longer, for my own children. Why? All the NASTY plastic wrapped mess that has been put into our environment.

I have made up some Diaper Patterns (I have been making some of these for Human Baby Shower Gifts for many years) for Baby Alive. I hope you might consider using these ideas for your own Dolls. It may only seem like a little, to stop throwing more and more into the landfills, but I promise you, IT MATTERS! All those little items x all the people, MATTERS!

CAUTION!: WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY 'ACCIDENTS', THAT IS WASTE SPILLING OUT OF THE DIAPER OR PANTIES THAT YOU HAVE MADE FROM OUR PATTERNS! We are not there to help you sew. We have no idea how you interpreted the Ideas and Patterns or how you executed them. We also have No Idea what or how much you put into your Baby Alive's come out Bottom. We did NOT help you choose your Fabric or Yarns. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN WITH THESE CRAFTS.

Crocheted Diapers

These are so easy to make. With just a little bit of help, a new beginner could make these Diapers for their Dolls.

This pattern will fit several Baby Alive sized Dolls, however it was made based on the size of a Vintage 13" Baby Alive Doll.

You Will Need:
Medium Weight Yarn
F Crochet Hook
Wash Cloth or other Fabrics to line the inside with
Fasteners, such as Snaps, Hooks, Velcro, Buttons

This pattern can easily be adjusted just by holding the diaper, as you work on it, up to the Doll it is being made for.

Chain 30
1 1/2 Stitch in each of the chain and repeat 2 more rows
on the 4th row, increase 2 stitches turn
row 4 decrease 2 stitches
row 5 decrease 4 stitches
row 6 decrease 3 stitches
row 7 decrease 2 stitches
row 8 decrease 4 stitches
row 9 decrease 5 stitches
row 10 decrease 2 stitches
now add one stitch in each row for 7 rows (check to make sure on the doll you are crocheting the Diaper for
follow the directions back up from row 10 to row 4 BACKWARDS, in other words you are adding to make the sides match
the last 3 rows are even as they were to start

Cut a piece of liner. Using a fabric that is very absorbent is best. I used a Wash Cloth. Cut to fit, just to the inside of the bottom area of the Diaper. Sew into place. If you do not own a Sewing Machine, or if your just making this one little project, sewing by hand is fine.

Add a Fastener to each side of the Diaper for closing. Make sure it fits snug on the Doll.

In the Bandana Shirt paragraph above I have in that Video how to add a liner and or Buttons for Closures on these Crocheted Diapers.

There is a Crocheted Baby Alive Dress or Shirt (depending on how long you make it) on this page too. You could make it and these Diapers to Match for a cute look on the Doll.

Waterproof Lined Diapers

coming soon

Wash Cloth Diaper

coming soon

Cloth Diaper with Wash Cloth Liner

Baby Alive Diaper Pattern

I have a Video above on how to make these Reusable Diapers. Look at the Bandana Shirt paragraph above. That Video also has other Cloth Diaper ideas and Patterns.

I Shaped Polar Fleece Reusable Diaper lined with a Panty Liner

I have a Video above, under Night Shirt, that has how to make these simple, easy, no sew Diapers out of Polar Fleece.

Even More Diaper Ideas and Information coming soon


CAUTION!: WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY 'ACCIDENTS', THAT IS WASTE SPILLING OUT OF THE DIAPER OR PANTIES THAT YOU HAVE MADE FROM OUR PATTERNS! We are not there to help you sew, or to choose your fabrics and yarns. We have no idea how you interpreted the Ideas and Patterns or how you executed them. We also have No Idea what or how much you put into your Baby Alive's come out Bottom. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN WITH THESE CRAFTS.

coming soon


coming soon

Bottles and Pacifiers

I have seen Bottles and Pacifiers made to fit and to make the Baby Alive mouth 'suck' them. Most use Magnets in one way or another. Some are more clever than others. Some seem unsafe to me, but...they do work. I have even seen that some of the Baby Alive Dolls can be 'triggered', that is, the mouth made to make the sucking noise, using aluminum foil wrapped bottle nipples, pacifiers and spoons.

We tried to come up with a safe way, although I do not think I would recommend most of the types I have seen, including our own, for use of young children.

We will be adding a step by step video of how we added our magnets to the Human Baby Bottles and Human Pacifier very soon.

Pacifier with Magnet in Base (Adult Craft)

We have two Baby Alive Hacks in this Video. We hope you enjoy it.

This is NOT a fast craft. It is take time and skill to take the Human Baby Pacifier apart.



3D Printed Pacifiers for (many of the) Drink and Wet Baby Alive Dolls

Deron has printed a few different 3D Printed Baby Alive Doll Pacifiers for me to try. He took one and 'tweeked' it so that it would fit the 2006 Wet and Wiggle Doll. I found that pacifier also fit other 11" - 13" Baby Alive Dolls.

video coming

Feeding Spoons

Baby Alive's Feeding Spoons need to fit the mouth of the Model of the Doll you are feeding, be able to Clean the Spoons well, and of course, everyone wants the sucking, that is, feeding noises from the mouth of the doll.

It is not easy to come up with a homemade spoon that does all of this. But we tried. While you could NOT put our idea into the Dish Washer, the Spoon can be carefully and thoroughly washed by hand. The Magnet is set to trigger the mouth sounds and it was not too costly.

We will be adding our step by step Video on how we made our Baby Alive Feeding Spoon very soon.


Most people that own a Baby Alive would like for it to have a bed, at least a bed, if not other furniture too. We are coming up with inexpensive Craft ideas to make furniture for your BA Doll.

Clothing Off The Shelf

Doll Clothes and or Baby Clothing can be expensive. However, they do make Doll Clothes for the Baby Alives. The Doll's body style has not changed much over the years, so even Vintage Baby Alive Clothes should fit any of the dolls.

If you can find bargain buys on Baby Clothes, such as at a Dollar Store, you could tailor and or craft them to make them not only a better fit for the dolls, but also more fun to use, most bargain items are pretty plain.

Check Clearance Shelves for not only Doll Clothes, but also for Human Babies, you never know what you might find cheap.

Human Baby Bibs are often more reasonably priced when buying the smaller sizes, also a better for the Dolls anyway, that are sold 3 to 5 at a time. These can be used as is, or you could add items, craft them up, if you will, for fun and to make them more unique.

more to come on where you might buy doll clothes

Collecting Baby Alive Dolls

Baby Alive Dolls have been on the Market for 50 years now. There are so many Types and Manufacturers that any Doll Collector can have a Field Day hunting the individual dolls down and adding to their collection.

A person could collect ALL of the Baby Alives ever made, or just a certain few. Some Collectors might just Collect the Vintage Baby Alives, some might just Collect the type with molded heads (no hair added), some Collectors might just Collect a certain size or only one of the Manufactures, another Collector might Collect only the 'soft body' Baby Alives.....on and on, Collect a Few or the whole line!

I have also even seen some people Collect just the different Baby Alive Bottles and display them, and or the Food Packets. From Bowls to Spoons and more, they make very fun, and different types of Displays.

much more to come

The contents of this page for Baby Alive Doll is still under construction. Please check back later!

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