Where and How To Find Dolls To Rescue

Where can you find Dolls to Rescue and How do you purchase them?

You can find Dolls to Rescue in a LOT of different places!

If you REALLY want 'Rescue' Dolls, go to Garage Sales. These are the Dolls that after the Sale is over...who knows where they will land. We all want to believe that these Dolls will be taken to a Thrift Store and will find a good home....not always so...MANY, probably tons a week, are landing in the Trash!


Here are a few of the Dolls I have found. I clean them after I bring them home. I not only enjoy just going to Garage Sales, Antique Malls and or Thrift Stores and Flea Markets just to see what I find; I also enjoy a good "Hunt". To Hunt for a certain type of Doll. It's fun and rewarding and is much like a Scavenger Hunt. I do this a lot with Barbies when I need them for my Monthly Craft Packets for Beginner Crafters.

My favorite places to find Dolls (and about anything else) are Garage Sales and Thrift Stores. Many are in Like New Condition.

If you enjoy 'The Hunt', like I do, you can find about any Doll you are looking for; maybe not in one trip. But if you keep looking, make it a Game, you will find that Treasure.

This was a VERY FUN FIND! I happened in to the Antique Store and brought this Collection home. This Collection was kept very well. And there was even a Dam Rooty (doll hair troll) in the mix!

You never know what you might find....until you look!

I promise you, you CAN find any Doll you might be looking for if you Hunt. Think of this. You can buy a Doll on line. It will be fast and easy. But if you get up off the chair, go and enjoy a day of shopping at Garage Sales, Thrift Stores and Antique Markets, you will get not only Fresh Air, but also Exercise, and a lot of smiles at what you see. You will be out and about talking with people. AND YOU WILL GET TO NOT ONLY SEE AND HANDLE THE DOLLS, but also negotiate the Price.

We give a LOT of Barbie Dolls away to Beginner Crafters. We send the Dolls and show the new Crafters how to clean the Dolls up and Dress them. This video is a Barbie "Haul", mostly Barbie that is.

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-- The Dolls Rescued Team
Sun, 01 Sep 2019 15:58:28 -0400

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