American Girl Miniature & Other Mini Dolls

I really like the Mini or Miniature American Doll Dolls. Or some call them, Doll's Doll.

The first one I bought from a Garage Sale with some other dolls, including but not limited to, an American Girl Doll.

The Mini, all of the dolls, was/were a mess and had no clothes or shoes. I quickly fixed that.

Mini and McDonalds American Girl lot ebay 2020-07-15

I bought a couple more in a lot from Ebay. Some clothes, one had shoes, so I will continue coming up with Hacks and Crafts for these dolls.


The contents of this page for American Girl Miniature & Other Mini Dolls is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
Wed, 15 Jul 2020 13:56:34 -0400

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