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Charmin Chatty 2019-05-12

And then...there was Charmin Chatty

There was also a Charmin Chatty in the Vendors Booth where I had bought the first Chatty Cathy and the Chatty Baby to restore, when we had bought them. I did not look at the Charmin, I just glanced it. I did not think I was interested in the Charmin Chatty Doll. But. A few days later we went back to get her too. However, when I looked at THAT Charmin Chatty Doll it was in pretty bad shape. Far worse than the other two dolls. And. They were asking over twice as much for it. She did not come with any of her original items, and no records (for talking) were anywhere to be seen. I had already looked at the Charmin Chattys on on line auctions. I came home and bid on a couple. I won the auction in the photo her for far less, even with shipping costs, than the one at the Antique Mall.

Charmin Chatty was produced for two years by the Mattel Toy Co. 1963 - 1964. She came with either Blonde or Strawberry Blonde Hair. Her accessories were extraordinary.


Charmin Chatty Doll Records side one

Unlike Chatty Cathy and Chatty Baby, as well as other Mattel Talking Toys, Charmin Chatty must have a removable Record put into her body, from the side, for her to chat or talk when you pull her string.

Charmin came with 5 Records and was/is able to say 120 things with them.

If you purchase a Charmin Chatty Doll without the records, you doll will not be able to talk, even if the Voice Mechanism is in working condition. You will need

Charmin Chatty Doll Records side two

to find and buy at least one record.

LIKE RECORD PLAYERS, because this is what she has inside her, PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE STRING WITHOUT A RECORD INSIDE HER SLOT. You can ruin the mechanics of her Talk Box/Player.

The Records that go into a slot in the side of the Doll, have two sides to each. Some are a related to the first side, such as, Cinderella Part One and Part Two, some are not. The records in this photo are the flip side of the photos or the Records above.


Charmin Chatty Board Game Charmin Chatty Games and Records 2019-06-10

THIS DOLL was more on an interaction Doll than the other Chatty's. You could even buy a Board Game that came with a Record for her side, and she would play the game with the child.

The photos here are of Chatty Charmin Games I own. The second one came with the Original Envelopes for the Records, and extra Records.

CHARMIN SPEAKS SEVEN LANGUAGES (IF you have the records for it)

This Doll was "Cutting Edge" for it's Times. She will speak in Italian, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and of course, English IF you purchase the records for here to do so. She teaches what words mean, as well as tells little Trivia about that/each Country.

Charmin Chattys also had or some came with records with English with a British Accent.


Keep in mind when cleaning ANY Doll, but especially those that are 50 years old and more, too many chemicals, and or too much scrubbing, will be hard on the Doll. On the flip side of can mean cleaning or not getting the Doll clean. So you have to weigh this out in your own mind, on your own Dolls.

I LOVE GOOP Hand Cleaner. GOOP is non toxic and biodegradable. It cleans, as the jar says, "grease, paint, ink, tar, industrial soils, etc., from hands to washable clothing."


I use Magic Erasers where I need to, but I do not just rub the entire dolls with one. I have to say....MANY TIMES THOSE THINGS DO CLEAN LIKE MAGIC!!

I have our Video Links listed below.


I have found that using GOOP Hand Cleaner, even in the doll's hair, and letting it soak in, then washing the doll and the doll's hair with shampoo, will remove mildew smells. One of the dolls I worked on needed a second 'go round' with a couple hours of sitting with GOOP heaped on it, but it did work well. After each GOOP Soak, I washed the doll with shampoo OR dish soap. I always let my dolls air dry, and I stand the dolls on their heads, or there abouts, while they dry the first 12 hours. After the first 12 hours I move the dolls around, this way if any water is inside the doll it can drain back out.

Some people that restore Dolls say that Dish Soap is a better Doll Hair cleaner than Shampoo. They say that Shampoos can leave 'product' behind.


Charmin Chatty, as well as Chatty Baby, have very fine and almost brittle hair. Chatty Cathy's hair is thicker, and seems to be a better quality hair than the other two dolls. Proceed with caution when working on their hair.

There are a few ways to go about fixing Charmin/Doll hair. If the Doll smells mildewy at all, I perfer GOOP Hand Cleaner. I saturate the entire Doll and the Hair with GOOP and let it sit on a towel for at least 2 hours. The more the 'old' or 'mildew' or 'smoky' the smell, the longer I let the doll sit.

After sitting I take a clean wash cloth or hand towel and wipe the doll clean. Then I give her a bath and wash the doll's hair with dish soap. I turn the doll, face down on towel, legs under, butt in air, so that any water within the doll drains out, as well as the eyes. I let the hair air dry.

If you are curling the doll's hair, I like to do it while wet.

I have also, with GREAT results, done the Fabric Softner/Boiling Water trick. Boy. Does the hair smell NICE after this. If you have a doll that has an especially bad smell, or needs a little extra, do both of these tricks.

What is done with the Fabric Softner is to comb out the Doll's hair, wash it with dish soap, then have a large (big enough to dunk all the hair into) with a small amount of Fabric Softner and a bit of boiling water mixed in.

Most folks comb out the doll's hair after washing, combing upward, then dip it into the mixture, let it stay in for about 30 seconds, pull out to drain over the bowl, comb downward, toward bowl, away from face, wait about 30 seconds, dip, comb, wait, dip, comb, wait, dip, repeat as many as 6 times....if the hair is really split and or damaged. You might be surprised how nice the hair gets after this. Rinse the Fabric Softner out of the hair with running water, comb, then let the doll set to dry. Comb or brush after the hair is dry.


When you work on Charmin Chatty's there is a good chance you will want to know how to Reroot their hair. I have found that there are more than one way to do this, and none of the different ways, easy or fast. You will need patience and time.

much more to come


Charmin Chatty's Talk Box is different than those of the other Mattel Talking Dols made the same time, that is, Chatty Cathy and such. Maybe the Co. Hint for that was in the name, placing "Chatty" before her name.

Charmin's Pull String is under her box, while the other doll's are on the top area, that is, the other dolls are easier, the string that is, to get to for repair.

Charmin has a Record Player inside of her that actually has Records that go in and out of the body, and there are several Records that were made for the Doll. This changes how the Record Player was made, in comparison to the other Pull String Talking Dolls.


A Funny Thing Happened....when I bought my first Chatty Cathy to restore, her pull string worked ok, not great, once in a while, you could make out what she might be saying. After her clean up, if you pull the string off to the right side and upward, she talks, and pretty well. You CAN understand her. However, if you pull to many times in a row, or if you do not pull to the right and upward, gargle/growling noise. So I am very hopeful repairing her voice will not take too much. We shall see when we split her open. I have ordered an O Ring for the Device, but we will 'practice' on Chatty Baby first.

I am AMAZED that almost 60 years after they were first made, not only do some of the Chatty's STILL WORK at all!, But most still have Pull Strings that react to the pull, some slip, but most at least 'growl'. Mattel Toy sure made a STURDY Doll here. I know. I had a Chatty Cathy and a Chatty Baby...and we did NOT baby those Dolls any more than any other dolls!


Through the years, many times, this Doll's Eye Glasses and Shoes come up missing or are ruined one way or another. Ideas?

They do sell Glasses for Dolls, and if you look, really look, you might even find a Round Pair.

They used to make Saddle Shoes for Human Babies....look around, Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and the like, you might just find a cute pair that fit on your Charmin's feet.

If you are a 'sticker', have a look on line. YOU MIGHT just find exactly what you are looking for...BE PREPARED TO PAY, sometime the cost can be as high as the Doll's cost!


Since I probably won't create a Video for each of the different Chatty Dolls I restore, step by step, I thought I would include these videos we did make, so that you could see how I clean and restore our dolls. When we get to the Voice Box Repairs, we will probably do a Video on each one, since when we get into the doll, each might be a bit different, or at least our learning level should be more advanced per doll.

Chatty Cathy Before:

Chatty Cathy Part 1 Troll Doll Cleaning Removing Mildew:

Chatty Cathy Clean Up Part 2:

Chatty Baby Unboxing Chatty Brother Review The Tiny:

Chatty Cathy Part 3 and Charmin Chatty:

Tiny Chatty Baby Fried Hair Repair:

Chatty Cathy Ornament - TALKS!:

My Size Barbie ~ How To Make $1 Outfits:


You can find Clothing for Charmin Chatty in many places. She can wear a size 0 - 3 month old human baby clothing. Some of these human baby clothes fit her well, others do not. Pants will probably be too short. But worth a try. Her shoe size, in human baby items is a size 1. Garage Sales are a great place to find these CHEAP! Many, barely worn.

Charmin can also wear some of the newer 18" Doll Clothes. Especially the dresses that are cut longer.

If you are looking for Charmin's Original Clothing, check the Internet and upon it, On Line Auction places.

There are also some QUIET CLEVER people that are making "Reproductive Clothing" for the Chatty's and MAN! Some are just beautiful!

If you are sewing for your Charmin Doll try using the Patterns for the 18" doll; Make a 'trial' outfit and see where pattern adjustments need to be made for the doll you are sewing for. Or even take an old dress that fits your doll well apart and use it for making a new pattern (you can sew the dress/item back together after too).

I am hoping to be sharing some FREE Clothing for Charmin Chatty here, on this website soon, I make my own patterns....but they are simple patterns.


WARNING: Restoring Vintage Dolls is Fun and Rewarding, <whispers the next part> but it can not only get expensive, you will want more and more Dolls to work on and Display. You have been warned. <laughs and winks>

DISCLAIMER: I have written here on our Website what I have done on my own Dolls and what has worked for me. I have described how I went about each step as best as I could. I will not be held responsible for what you do to the Dolls you are working on. I am not there, I can not see your Dolls or how they are made or the shape they are in. ALL I AM TELLING YOU HERE ON THIS PAGE AND IN OUR VIDEOS, IS WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US ON OUR OWN DOLLS.


You might find, as I did, that once you start restoring Dolls, you are buying more dolls that you already own. That's ok. As long as you are not 'breaking the bank', and as long as you are having a good time. Enjoy.

I bought three Blonde Charmin Chatty's and would like to own a Red Head. And. Yes. I am looking for a Strawberry Blonde. And if I fell into any other good deals on this same type Doll, I would buy them.

I really like to find Dolls that need help, dirty and hair a mess. It is fun for me.


SOMETIMES YOU JUST LUCK OUT! I NEVER thought I would win this auction for so cheap! All these Original Items, 2 Dolls, One in the Original Glasses and Saddle Shoes, 4 Original Outfits with the Original Cinderella Outfit, and Party Outfit, The Saturday Evening Post Magazine, Original Hang Tags....

Charmin Chatty x 2 with Orginal Stuff 2019-05-19 Charmin Chatty 2 from lot on 2019-05-19 Charmin Chatty 2 from lot on 2019-05-19 Charmin Chatty Orginal Items from lot 2019-05-19


Charmin Chatty Red Head 2019-05-21 Charmin Chatty Red Head back side 2019-05-21

We bid on this Charmin Chatty and won at $3.25 with $20 shipping. Not bad since many times the Original Shoes, that this Doll is wearing, start at about $19.99 plus shipping....

ANOTHER RED HEAD FOR ME! Thick and Longer Hair

Charmin Chatty Red Hair 2019-05-24

I saw another Charmin on an on line auction, I bid, then everyone else did too. So I saw this one, and well? She's coming to my house. I love that RED HAIR! And THIS Doll has a lot of it. I also bought more Charmin Chatty Records too (different sellers).

Charmin Chatty Red Hair good eyes 2019-05-24

Now that I have more of the Charmin Dolls, I will be 'More Brave' about painting their 60 year old faces, 'cracking them open' and having my husband 'take a look at' their Voice Boxes/Record Players.

I will admit it. I am smitten with these Chatty Dolls. I LOVE the cleaning and repairing and making new clothes for these old dolls!

The contents of this page for Charmin Chatty Restoration is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The Far Out Living Team
Sun, 12 May 2019 21:11:28 -0400

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