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The photos here are of my own Troll Dolls. The Patterns and Instructions here on this page are my own. I do however want to thank other Troll Doll Crafters and Refurbishers for some of the Basic Ideas on 'How To'.

Below you can find the list of Video Links to our Troll (and other Doll Restoration and Animal Training) Videos on Youtube.

There is nothing new about making Troll Doll Clothing, Beading the Trolls Necklaces, Bracelets and or Ankle Bracelets, and or 'fixing/doing their hair', I am not new to making Doll Clothing for Trolls, even as a kids in the 60's and 70's, we Crafted for our Troll Dolls.

IF YOU DO NOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, THAT IS, INFORMATION ON TROLLS, PATTERNS, 3D PRINTING INFORMATION, REPLACING HAIR, OR OTHER TROLL CRAFTS, KEEP SCROLLING DOWN, still do not find what you are looking for? Feel Free to email me at the address below, be sure to put "Troll Dolls" in your subject line.

Yes, we will (might at some point) be selling, or have for sale, a few of the Troll Dolls after Crafted/Reworked/Rescued. Click on the top right button on this page, called 'Shopping'.


TROLL DOLLS! "So Ugly, They Are Cute!".

Troll Dolls Valentines and St. Pats Day

I have found that Troll Dolls are being collected, again, by people like me that had them when they were a kid, and now? Again.

Not only are people collecting the Troll Dolls, they are refurbishing the Trolls, Crafting with the Trolls, making absolutely BEAUTIFUL clothing and new Hair, for the Trolls, and more! I am amazed at the talent some people have.

We are not only talking the larger sized Trolls. People are Crafting for the Itsy Bitsy Trolls too. Oh, I can crochet a little dress for a 1" Troll, but you should see some of the FANCY Clothing and Hair people are crafting with 1" (and larger of course) Troll Dolls. That, I am not so good at. I do however have a Pattern for a 1" Troll Doll Dress below.

But; and most importantly, I am having fun with the Trolls, and Russ are my favorite Brand right now. So I thought I would share my Troll Photos, Ideas and Crafts as well as share the Patterns that I Create.


Troll Doll Lot Won Auction 2019-02-11

Troll Dolls can easily become a Collection <read obsession>. I bought a set of Christmas Trolls, then a couple of Thanksgiving Trolls, now my Mail Carrier seems to be bringing more and more Troll Dolls...and what do you think I am looking for now in Thrift Shops and Garage Sales? Yes. Trolls.

Photo is of (one of the lots) a lot of Troll Dolls I purchased.


Troll Craft 2019-01-25

There are a lot of DIY, Home Crafting, Creating of, Ideas, Fun Things, How To Tos, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Gluing, and/or Duct Taping, with and for Troll Dolls. I hope you will enjoy the items we have posted here on our website page for Troll Dolls.

These Projects are for Any and All Troll Dolls, Dam, Russ, Wish Niks/Nicks, Uneeda, Treasure, Norfin, ACE Novelty, Hasbro, Bright, Jewel Belly, Lincoln Berry/Berrie or also Lingonberry, Denmark, TNT, Dollar Store, TT, Treasure Trolls, Troll Company (Co.), Applause, Lanard, Zelfs, DreamWorks, MyKids, MagicTroll, Magic Trolls, Topps, Lucky Snook Snooks, Toys N Things, Huron Manufacturing Inc., Etone Soma, Trendmaster,

I have some ideas and Patterns here on this page. You are welcome to use them. Please. Do not sell my patterns. Please. Do Not Call MY Patterns, YOUR Patterns.

I would also love it if you sent me photos of your Troll Crafts! And IF you would not mind, (let me know when you send the photo if it is Private) I would LOVE to share your Crafting Photos....with my ideas or you have come up with.

Send photos and ideas or just fun Troll Notes to:


Troll Dolls Mail Call 2019-02-11

ANYONE of ANY Income can enjoy Troll Dolls. You can often buy Trolls from Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, ebay and or Dollar Stores (I have heard, only at Christmas) and Craft with items bought at the same places!

The Troll Dolls in this photo were some that came in my mailbox from ebay on 2019-02-11....Our mailman might have and might be bringing more. Several <read lots> more.


I will be sharing the Craft Patterns that I have Created, and I Make My Own, for the Different Sized Trolls that I own. I will always try to add photos and or videos with each pattern so that you can see what my finished projects look like.

I try to explain the ideas of how to use the Patterns as BEST as I possibly can. I try to write each detail down for people that might not Craft as often as others. So IF you find my Patterns too easy or too hard to follow, please work with me, knowing, I really tried to make these projects fun and easy to use for all Troll Lovers.

I recommend that as you are enjoying ANY Doll Craft, as you are working the Crafts, stop and try items on the doll you are making the item for. Not all Troll Dolls are built the same.

Troll 4.5 Inch Purple Hair

And here is a thought for you. If you buy a Troll and undress it. No matter how tattered the clothing is, hand wash it and let set to dry. You can make all sorts of patterns using these outfits later.

I bought this 4.5" Troll for a song and will save the clothing, after washed and air dried, for patterns. The Troll I have other plans for.


Troll Doll 5 Inch Mrs. Clause Christmas

Here is a GREAT Excuse for owning more Troll Dolls.... the 'need' for a Dress Form or Mannequin so that when Crafting you have the right sized doll to try everything on before it goes onto the Troll Doll with the really long hair or one that is being prepped for the Craft or any other excuse you might use. Wrong size Troll? It might be another excuse for even more Trolls....<winks>...having Models or Mannequins for the Crafts you are working on.

I will warn you.... I bought a Troll Doll on line for just this purpose. When it came, it was far better than expected and.... I decided to do just a little work on it and put it away with the Christmas Decor for next year. You might just understand that. <laughs>

This photo is of the Troll Doll I bought, 4.5" for a Model....she came to me very clean, her hair was not only still VERY nice, so was her outfit. I bought a GREAT deal. She even smelled good/fresh. Since her hair is also white...not a color for me, I tend to get white dirty fast...she will go up and we will visit again at Christmas Time. I then bought another for this purpose.


Troll Doll 4.5 Inch St Patricks Day

I, personally, have come back to Trolls, that is, buying Trolls, because of the Holiday Trolls. I just love the Vintage Trolls in their Original Holiday Clothing. I think they make a cute, and often, unexpected Holiday Decor Delight.

Older, call them used, Trolls are not hard to clean up to looking right and bright with a toothbrush and shampoo. Even their clothing when washed gently by hand and air dried, can look new again too.


Below you will find some Holiday Crafts with and for Troll Dolls. I love Decorating with odd things for the Holidays, ALL OF THE HOLIDAYS! It is hard to find much for Valentine's Day and St. Pat's and 4th of many times, I make my own.

I plan to do just that with the Troll Dolls. Outfits and Hair are one way to do this. I share my Ideas, Instructions and even my Patterns for FREE below. I will also have some Trolls For Sale.

more coming soon, working on a project or two now.....could be three of four projects really Wink


Troll Craft 1  4.5 Inch Valentines Day Troll

First and foremost, I undressed and took the Troll's Hair out. I washed (scrubbed) the 4.5" Doll with mild Shampoo and a Soft Toothbrush. Then I stood her on her head, upside down, for 48 hours to make sure she was dry inside and not later growing mold or mildew within.

I also (scrubbed) hand washed the little outfit with warm water and mild Shampoo and let it air dry beside the hairless Troll for 48 hours. I plan for her to wear this cute little Original Outfit.

Our Video on this Project

Valentine Day Troll Crarft

While she was Air Drying, I was Yarn Shopping and cutting and splitting and preparing a new Wig for her.

I have described in full detail and with photos of how I replaced her hair below. See 'Making Yarn Into Troll Doll Hair' for Ideas and Instructions.

We also made a little How To Video and it is on Youtube for anyone to see.

This Troll Doll has become a Holiday Troll at our House; Valentine's Day, 4th of July, and Christmas...that is, with her long flowing Red Hair.


I fell in LOVE with these when I first saw them! I thought, why not dress the Trolls that have Plants for Hair, in a Faux Leaf outfit????

If you use LIVE PLANTS, drill the Troll Dolls feet so that the moisture can escape the body of the doll and molt and mildew will not grow. The larger the Troll Doll the larger the drill holes need to be.

Troll Craft 2 8 Inch and 4.5 Inches dolls ready for new hair

Hair Replacement Of Any Sort Preparation

Remove the Troll Dolls hair, ALL of it. Use a very fine Sandpaper to get ALL of the old hair AND that old nasty glue out of the dolls body. I wear a Facemask when doing this. You have no idea what might be in that old Troll's head, or even a new Troll's head. You do not want that in your own lungs.

Wash your entire Troll in warm water using a mild Shampoo and Soft Toothbrush. Really clean it, buy gently.

Stand your Troll Doll's body upside down on Paper Towels to dry. I wait 48 hours to make sure that I am not trapping any moisture inside the body and thus, growing mold or mildew.

Faux Ivy for Hair!???? Why Not!!

Photos coming.


Very little care for most. Many just need a spritsing once per month. Many will stay very small also. Some need DAILY spritzing with water bottle of bottled water.

Be sure to drill a few holes into your Troll Dolls feet before adding plants as hair. This will make sure that mold and mildew is NOT growing inside the Troll's body.




Little Care and when plant grows will need a larger planter...start with large Troll Doll.

Be sure that you drill a few holes in the feet of the Troll Doll so that moisture can escape the Troll's Body. You do NOT want Mold and Mildew to grow inside of your Troll.


No Care other than keeping it clean as it sits on the Shelf.

This would be cute too with some Earthy colored Yarn mixed in with Ivy type plants.


I have created TWO Different Crochet Patterns and have listed them here for you to use for FREE!


Troll Doll 1 Inch Dresses DIY

Forgive the photo. This was the 2nd little dress I made as I created the pattern for the dress. It may not be fancy, and or match the Troll's Dress, but it will give you an idea of how the project might look when you finish.

Troll Doll 1 Inch Blue Dress

You will need:

A Skein, or really just a bit, of 6 Strand Embroidery Thread. For the 1" Dolls I recommend a solid color. You will not be using enough Variegated for it to show any sort of pattern.

An Small Embroidery Hook, I used a #4, 2.00 mil.

A Nude 1" Troll (to measure your length and to make sure your stitch is loose enough for the Dress to come up over the Trolls hands when putting the Dress onto the little Doll.


Time and, of course, Patience. (more than I could muster for the first dress I tried in a very fragile yarn I fist tried for this project.

Chain Stitch, Loosely[/color], 11 Stitches, and close into a loop.

Single Stitch 10.

At End (back at the knot) Chain Stitch 3 (for arm holes).

One Single Stitch.

Four 1 1/2 Stitches.

Chain 3 for arm holes.

Continue to 1 1/2 stitch to the length you would like your little Dress to be. I tried it on the Troll by making the stitch I was working on very large, removing the hook, then pulling it back in around the hook to continue. Be warned. This is a fast project once you get the rhythm of the 1 1.2 stitches going.

At end, one Single Stitch then a Slip Stitch, and knot.

Weave in a 6" to 10" piece of Embroidery Thread at the waist of the Dress for a Belt, this also holds the little Dress in place and tightens it so that the little arms can be seen more plainly. You can use the same color of Embroidery Thread or choice another color for contrast, making another bow of the same for the Hair. Tie off the Belt in the Back or Front, your choice.


You Will Need:

#10 Crochet Thread of your own color choice.
6/1.80 mm Crochet Hook

Chain 14

1 1/2 Stitch in 4

Chain 2

Skip One

1 1/2 Stitch in 4

Chain 2

Skip One

1 1/2 Stitch till end.

Turn and Double Crochet in each of the Stitches, doubling your Double Stitch in every other stitch.

OR: Alternative; Rather than the Double Stitches, you could Chain 5 and place stitch in every other Stitch, Turn and Chain 5 placing those stitches inside the loop from the previous row.


More Coming with Photos. I have the Pattern Made I just have to get it all together and decide the skirt for the Dress.

In the photo you can see that I used a Graph Composition Notebook for my Craft Notes and Patterns. The squares are 1/2 (.5). You might also use that graph to set your printer and make the patterns the size you would like to have them.

I like Polar Fleece (not the cheap stuff) for clothing because it is 'forgiving', that is, it has give to it, you do not have to hem seams, it is easy to glue or sew, by hand or machine, and Polar Fleece comes in many many colors and prints.


Troll Doll 7 inch Uneeda Dress Pattern

You can see the Pattern in this photo. You can adjust the Pattern for the Troll Doll you are making this for by laying a cut out paper pattern up to the front of your Troll Doll...making adjustments in your next PAPER pattern before cutting the Dress out in either Polar Fleece (my 1srt choice) or Felt.

You can see my FREE Pattern in the Graph Paper Notebook. Squares are each 5 mm.

This Pattern, as is, will fit (little long) a 6.5" Russ Troll Doll. With a little widening of the neck and sleeves, I cut this out for my Uneeda 7" Troll Doll and it worked great. However, when I cut it out for my Ace Novelty Troll I cut it a bit shorter, and cut out a hole for the Troll's Belly Jewel. I did this by feeling for the Jewel and holding my finger over the area, then cutting a very small hole first, widening it as I needed.

Troll Doll Christmas Dress

You can cut the Pattern with the top of the Dress at the fold, so that you do not have to sew the top, remember to take a little bit of space off that was allowed for seam.

This Dress on my 7" (body only is how I measure Trolls) Dam Troll Doll was sewn. Polar Fleece comes in a LOT of cute prints. Just make sure you choose a print that will be the right size for the Troll, not too large. I cut the Matching Scarf out of the same piece of fabric used in the Dress.

You will be able to use this Pattern to become a Dress by Sewing the sides and top, gluing the sides and top, or cutting the fabric out so that the sleeves are on fold of fabric and belt the Dress at the waist with another long piece of the same or contrasting Fleece as a Belt (with no sewing or gluing).

Troll Doll Dress w Hot Glue

You Will Need:

Troll Doll

To Cut Out This Pattern; Graph Paper, Scissors, Paper to trace the Pattern on, more paper to adjust Pattern for your own Troll.

A small piece of Polar Fleece, approx 14" x 7", folded over for Front and Back of dress.

How you put it together is up to you....Sewing by hand or machine, glue or just belted.

In this St. Pat's Day Dress photo. I used Hot Glue just to show it is a possibility. It's really easy, but I think sewing looks better.


With the right rocks or quarts or fossils, this can be cute. Feathers for hair is cute too, if, and remember that if, the items are set in well and correctly and appropriate for the Trolls size. But. Then of course, "Art is subjective.". So have at it. No one really has to like it but you.

Photos coming with instructions.


Troll Dolls Fancy Dreads 2019-04-01

This is a fun project and one that will use up some of that Yarn most Crafters have sitting around. Even those small balls can become strands of this Wig.

You will need:

Big Thick Yarn (How much? Depends on how long you will make your own Troll Doll's Hair/Dreads)

Scissors (good scissors)

Glue (I like the Hot Glue Gun for this project)

Something to wrap the yarn around to make the strands for attaching to the doll. Think, cardboard box, or book...


This is not as hard as it first might sound.

There are MANY big fat yarns for sale these days. BEAUTIFUL and SOFT Big Fat Yarns.

However, some is very expensive too. But not all. Choose the type you want and I can not tell you how much to buy because I have no idea how long you want your Troll's Hair/Dreads to be.

Whatever the length, and you will need a measuring device for this project, find an object you can wrap yarn around to form, the way we used to make, "Pom Poms".

much more to come


Firebird Troll Doll 2019-03-07

There are several ways to do this craft, SEVERAL Ways! There are SEVERAL Outcomes of this project, that is, how you want the yarn hair to look when you finish.

For THIS Yarn Hair for Trolls I will be talking about how to take yarn and make it look like a long permed hair do for Trolls.

You can use one type of yarn for the wig, or add several together to make a more interesting look and feel to the wig.

You can use one color of yarn for the wig, or several shades of one color for the wig, or even two or more or several colors for your wig.

You can use the same types of yarn for the wig, or use two or more types of yarn for your wig.

Yarn Strands for Troll Doll Wig 2019-01-27

You will need:

Yarn; (How much depends on the types and colors and how long you want your Troll Doll's Wig to be in the end)


A Prepared Troll Doll Body;

Hot Glue Gun;

Suggested: Ribbon to Tie Hair ~ Or ~ A Bead Band for the Scalp Line;

Time and Patience;

I have seen a few videos and websites with ideas and instructions for making yarn hair. What I have learned is, there are several ways to do this project, so if you are 'crafty', or that is, have done several yarn crafts, you will probably follow instructions with a 'grain of salt', meaning, you will do things a bit different too.

First things First: Prepare your Troll Doll's Body.

Remove the Troll Dolls hair, ALL of it. Use a very fine Sandpaper to get ALL of the old hair AND that old nasty glue out of the dolls body. I wear a Facemask when doing this. You have no idea what might be in that old Troll's head, or even a new Troll's head. You do not want that in your own lungs.

Wash your entire Troll in warm water using a mild Shampoo and Soft Toothbrush. Really clean it, buy gently.

Stand your Troll Doll's body upside down on Paper Towels to dry. I wait 48 hours to make sure that I am not trapping any moisture inside the body and thus, growing mold or mildew.

Troll Doll Wig Yarn Craft 2019-01-27

Decide how long you would like your Troll's Hair to be when finished. Measure it's head with a fabric (or plastic) Measuring Tape. Multiply that number by 2 then add one or two more inches.

When cutting your yarn pieces; Lay your measuring device out to the size you want on a table. Lay your yarn, piece by piece next to the tape measure. DO NOT PULL THE YARN TIGHT TO CUT. Let the yarn lay with no hands on it, next to the measuring device and cut the yarn when it is in a relaxed position. If you pull your yarn tight, it will be 2 to 3 inches shorter than you expected.

I used three different types of yarn for my Troll Doll's Wig. I wanted just a bit of difference in the colors, and one has foil wrap on it.

My best suggestion to you is: When cutting your stands, now and again, double the pile over in your's that, more? Or 'are you there yet'? Make sure however, not to under or over stuff the Troll's Head. You still have to glue this Wig down inside and on the sides of the head.

I used three types of Red Heart and Lion Brand Yarn Skeins. One was four strands thick and I broke/untwisted those into two.

When you are blending different types of yarn into the pile of stands for the Wig, BLEND. Pick up and move the yarns, piece by piece into the Wig strands. Mix it and add the colors as you go to see how it is going to look finished.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you insert your Wig into the Troll Doll's head, look at the Wig from all angles. Decide what side you want for the front. Place the Wig into the head and set on a counter. Let set a few hours. Why? So you can walk by it and decide if that is how you want the Wig to sit inside the Doll's head. Once glued, the Wig can become destroyed if you pull it out to move it about on the Doll's head.

more to come soon with photos


Ribbon is not inexpensive. But you can also find Ribbon at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores that will work just fine for Troll Hair.

Make sure you have the time and patience for this craft. Each single strand needs Fray Check at each end of the Ribbon before using the pieces for Hair on a Troll Doll.

One idea is to use a FEW STRANDS of Ribbon in with Yarn for Troll Hair. This could be colors to match, contrast, or Holiday colors or Holiday words, such as Merry Christmas. Just work a few strands into within the 'tufts' of yarn that will become hair.


Stargate Nox

Did you happen to see the show Stargate Season 1 Episode 8, 'The Nox'? I love that Stargate Episode! When I saw this Yarn, actually for making 'Scubbies' for washing dishes, I thought of the Nox right away!

This Craft is done JUST LIKE, our Craft here, above, "Making Yarn Into Troll Doll Hair". It's just a different type, giving the Troll Doll a very different look, type of yarn.

Decide how long you would like for your Troll Dolls hair to be and cut the yarn accordingly. Then make the Hair Stands just a little longer. (you can always cut and or trim).

Troll Doll Nox Hippies 2019-03-09

THIS yarn just seems like it was also made to be used for Wigs to replace Troll Doll Hair...Troll Dolls just have the perfect face for this Earthy Look!

The photo, here to the left, is the process of my Nox/Hippies Troll Dolls coming together. The hardest part was making the pants and top patterns for the little RUSS bodies. Also not so easy finding the right yarns to blend for the hair and finding a good print on fabric for outfits.

Troll Doll Nox 2019-03-29

Adding items to the Hair....there are many items/accessories/enhancements to the Yarn Hair for that Hippie/Nox/Earthy look. Earthy colored beads, wooden beads, little bitty faux flowers, fake leaves, little bitty feathers... the list goes on and on and on. Adding these items to the Hair also makes each of your Nox like Trolls Unique and an Individual.

I made the little shirt and pants pattern and outfits. I will be putting the patterns up here very soon, with photos and how to's.

I used tye dye fabrics for the Nox/Hippy look. If you find tye dye fabric, make sure the print is small enough for a Troll Doll, some prints will not show up as Tye Dye when cut to the small size of the clothing for the dolls.


Troll Doll Mossy Look Dresses 2019-02-24

Dressing your Hippie/Nox/Planter Troll is half the fun. Whether you choose to dress your Troll, leave it nude, wrap it in faux leaves or ribbons, all fun things to think about.

The Trolls in this first photo in Green, I used a 'Scrubby' yarn to make their outfits. I think it gives a 'Mossy', earthy, grassy, look.


Adding a bit of Jewelry to your Nox or Hippie or Earthy Troll really enhances the look. ANY type of Jewelry is cute. Gems give the Trolls that "POP!" to their look. Earthy colored Seed or E Beads work great. Also Wooden Beads. Not only could you use this necklace as a necklace, but also a hairline headband.

You can by Beads at Craft Stores, or rob your own old Jewelry Box, also look for these items at Garage Sales and or Thrift Shops for these as well as Crafty type items. You can use old Necklaces and Bracelets and restring them for Troll Dolls.


I do like the Original look of the Troll Doll's Hair. Many times an older Troll is found to have hair that is falling out or just too danged thin. You can use off the shelf Yarn to replace that hair to look pretty much like the original hair did when the Doll was new.

You Will Need:

Prepared Troll Doll Body; See above for Instructions and Ideas on how to prepare the doll before crafting

Yarn; not even that much, but it depends on how long you would like your Troll's new hair to become


Hot Glue Gun;

An item to wrap the Yarn around; such a small book (or large depending on hair length you desire)

Fine Toothed Comb;

This is an easy Craft but one that will take some time and patience. You will be untwisting a lot of strands of yarn, then starting at the very tips (away from the head) slow and easy combing.

However long you would like your Troll's Wig to be, find a book or box about that size. That is, one flat side the same size as you would like the length of the hair. This way, the sides of the box or book will give you the extra length you will need for tying off the Wig as well as for stashing into/inside the Doll's head. Better too long than too short. You can always trim the hair down. Trimming will be needed when Wigs are finished anyway.

Take your yarn and start wrapping it around your chosen item of size. Wrap it, remember the size of the Wig will be double the wrap on one side of your item, to the thickness you would like for your Troll's Wig.

Carefully, and tightly, at one end, using another shorter piece of yarn, tie off the yarn.

Checking and double checking, cut the strands at the opposite side of the tie off, making your loops into strands for Hair.

(OR!: You can cut your strands, one by one, and untwist the yarn before tying the now untwisted strands into a wig.) Working with short strands will not be as easy as the Craft above where the Wig is longer.

Now the tedious part of the craft. Gently and slowly, untwist EACH strand of yarn. Be careful NOT to pull the strands loose from the middle tie.

Glue the untwisted strand Wig into the head of the body of the Troll Doll the Wig is being made for.

Let Stand. If you are using a Glue Gun, you only have to wait a short time. If you are using wet Glue, let stand at least overnight, perhaps for 24 to 48 hours. Remember, you will be combing this hair and that will cause a bit of pulling on the Wig.

After the Glue is dry. After the Glue is dry. Wink Starting at the very tips, away from the head of the Troll Doll, start, gently and easily untwisting then combing each strand of yarn.

After each strand of yarn is combed, gently comb the hair as a unit.

Fluff and comb to desired look.

More to come, with photos of course...little by little builds a website.


This craft is not only EASY, it is fun and looks so CUTE on the Troll Dolls. Some Trolls were just made for Burlap outfits (literally). There are many fancy and earthy ways to decorate a Troll dressed in burlap, have fun with it.

What You Will Need:

A Troll Doll Prepared For The Craft;
Any Size or Make Troll Doll YOU Would Like To Dress;
Always clean and dry any Troll Doll before starting a new craft on or with that Troll. The finished product will look nicer and you may not know what types of dirt and germs you are trapping beneath the new items if you do not clean the Troll first. See above for directions or ideas of how to clean and dry a Troll Doll, and any clothing you take off of it. (clean and save those clothes to make patterns with in the future).

Burlap Fabric or Burlap Ribbon; A very small amount.

Scissors; A good pair.

Small Piece of Yarn for Belt; any color or type, width, that you choose.

Tiny Rock or other Trinket; this is up to you if you would like to add something to the clothing or hands of this Troll Doll after outfit is finished.

more to come with photos


You Will Need:

4.5" Troll Doll; to check your gauge with the yarn you use. I used a thinner type of regular yarn. (they used to make the yarn wrappers with this information, I could not find it on this yarn)

Crochet Hook 3/2 or 10 mil.

Light Weight Yarn; of the color or blends thereof of your choice.

Small Button or Bead or Velcro for Back Side Closure.


Chain Loosely chain 28 (do NOT loop)

Single Stitch in each of of 27

1 1/2 Stitch 5

Chain 8

Skip one stitch

1 1/2 Stitch in 9

Chain 8

Skip One Stitch

1 1/2 Stitch until end

Tie off.

Add Button at the neck for closure.


Troll Doll Crocheted Dress Pattern DIY


You Will Need:

4.5" Troll Doll; to check your guage with the yarn you use. I used a thinner type of regular yarn. (they used to make the yarn wrappers with this information, I could not find it on this yarn)

Crochet Hook 3/2 or 10 mil.

Light Weight Yarn; of the color or blends thereof of your choice.

Small Button or Bead or Velcro for Back Side Closure.

Troll Dolls 2 St Pats and an Easter


Chain Loosely chain 28 (do NOT loop)

Single Stitch in each of of 27

1 1/2 Stitch 5

Chain 8

Skip one stitch

1 1/2 Stitch in 9

Chain 8

Skip One Stitch

1 1/2 Stitch until end

Turn item so that the Chained Sleeves are not at the top, slip stitch down side to continue the Skirt on the Dress

Double Stitch increasing in every other stitch

Double Stitch increasing in every 3rd stitch

Double Stitch increasing in every 4th stitch

(you can change up your stitches to give the Dress different looks)

Tie Off

Add Two Tiny to Small sized Buttons in the back of the dress for closure, you could also used snaps or velcro.

Enhance the look of the Dress with tiny Flowers, Bows, or other Adornments.


Troll Doll Dresses 2.3 to 3 Inch

Use the same pattern as above for the 4.5 Inch Troll Dolls. Change your Yarn type to a smaller, thinner type. Also use a Crochet Hook that is at least 1 size smaller. Measure the dress, as you crochet, onto the Troll Doll to gauge the size.

You can see in the photos that I added a Valentine's Day Charm of Cupid's Bow to the little Pink/Silver Dress. The other little Easter Dress got a Bow of a different type.


Many times, even if the original hair of a 'used' Troll Doll looks really knotted, you can save it. It just takes a little TLC and DIY. As well as a couple of different types of combs.

What You Need:

A Troll Doll in need of a 'New Do'

Two Clean or New Combs; One very Fine Toothed, the other, Average Sized Teeth

Time and a Place to Comb and Comb and Comb

Gentle Shampoo

Old Towel

You will not want to do this over your clothing, unless you will be throwing them away or don't mind bits and pieces of yarn like shedding all over you. And. Probably speckles of very old glue and or dirt or one kind or another.

Start at the ends. That is, the far end, away from the head of the Troll. Start about 1/4" in and comb out easy and gently.

Move back about 1/4" at a time, that is, combing closer to the head, little by very little at a time.

If you hit knots, hold the hair at the opposite end as you work the knots out. That is, hold the hair in your other hand so that you do not pull the Wig out from the roots.

After you have the hair back to original shape, or as close as it is going to get. Take your Troll to the sink and gently and easily wash the ends of the hair out. DO NOT GET THE WIG WET NEXT TO THE HEAD. DO NOT PULL THE TROLL'S HAIR WHILE WASHING IT.

Set the Troll, laying it down flat, on an Old Towel over night, perhaps for 24 - 48 hours before giving the hair another gentle comb out and styling.


It's all in the hat and clothing....more instructions, ideas, and photos coming soon!

You will need to use a larger (thicker) with a smaller crochet hook or knitting needles. You want a very tight stitch. If you have a looser stitch, your Gnome Hat will look more like a Santa Hat.


If your Garden Gnomes/Trolls are going to be spending their days outdoors, there are a couple of things you might want to do to keep them safer.

Take the Hair OFF the Troll Doll. Not need to have it under the hat holding moisture. When wet, it might, good chance, pull the hat to the side, giving the Gnome a Santa look.

Drill a few holes in the Troll's feet to let the rain and moisture out of the body.

Add a few, just a few (fill till head, but leave enough room to really glue your Hat down well) small rocks, gravel, or even sand (not the best, but better than nothing) to the body of your Troll. This will make your troll a bit heavier and might keep it from blowing away in high winds. It might also deter dogs and cats from carrying your troll off for themselves.

If you can at all, set the Troll/Gnome up on something, like a shelf or big rock to not only be seen, but so that it is not 'standing in puddles'.

More to come with photos


Troll Doll Uneeda Caveman 8 Inch

Many people think that Trolls look like Cavemen. Not sure how they know what a 'Caveman' looks like, but ok. <smiles and winks>

This first photo is of my Undeeda WishNik that is 7 ish inches tall in his original Caveman Costume. I made my Pattern using it for an example. However, my Pattern is a one piece item. The orginal Uneeda is two pieces.

This pattern is so easy to follow and can be adjusted for any sized Troll Doll. You only cut ONE per Troll Doll of this Pattern. It wraps around the Troll's body.

You Will Need:

A 5" x 10" piece of Polar Fleece. Any Color. Polar Fleece has just the right amount of 'give' for Troll Projects. Plus. You will not have to hem or paint with a glue for fraying.

Good Scissors.

Some way to Sew or Hot Glue your Outfit's closures in back of outfit.

Ribbons, or Roping for decoration the finished outfit.

Troll Doll Caveman Outfit Pattern

A 7ish Inch Troll Doll....the Uneeda will fit correctly into this pattern. Altering will be needed for others. Always check your PAPER pattern on your Troll Doll before cutting fabric.

more information, the pattern, and more photos coming soon.


Troll Dolls Birthday x 4 2019-01-27

There are a few Brands of Trolls still being made today. You can still buy NEW Trolls. However, the Vintage are the most sought after by Collectors....who will often 'mix in' some new with the old.

It is always a good idea to buy some less expensive Troll Dolls to start crafting with and on. Why ruin a 1960s Dam that is not only expensive, but a Collectors item in great shape before you try your hand, especially with glues and such, when you can 'pick up' a cheaper version of Troll Dolls at Thrift Stores, at Crafts? Garage Sales, Antique Malls, eBay and many times smaller stores, such as, I have heard but not seen, The Dollar Store sell Trolls for a song.

Valentine Day Trolls Set

I bought the four in the photo here, packaged all in one bag, with each in their own original packaging (I took the one's hair down) while at an "Antique Mall". I paid $3.69 for all four. I thought it was quite a GREAT DEAL! I also bought, at the same time, this little Valentine's Day Troll Set. I paid $1.50 for it. I combed out their hair and they look great.

Join Troll Collectors Groups and Forums and watch and see what is for sale there too. You might find it fun chatting with other Troll Collectors about your Trolls and Troll Finds and Troll Crafts. Watch out for 'Troll Snobs'. Some people think only they have to best or that they only know what's what in the subject....ignore them and have fun with it!

Finding old and new Trolls is NOT like looking for a Unicorn. You just have to search them out....and that is all part of the Troll Fun!


Troll Doll 3d Printed Sherbert 4 inch Green

We have even started making our own Troll Dolls. The first thing you need to do this is a 3D Printer. The prices on the 3D printers has come down from where it started, but to me, still expensive. A person would not buy a 3D Printer just to make Trolls.

It also takes the materials that form the 'plastic' that makes the item being printed. There are all types of this.

Then, a 'Model' is needed. A Model is what I call, or think of as a Pattern. The Model is all computer generated.

You will need the Software for your Computer to set it all up before you can 3D Print. Software is sold either sold, or found on the Internet for FREE! But it will depend on what you are planning to 3D Print.

3D Printing Troll Doll Orange 2.5 inch

Believe it or not; It takes HOURS to 3D Print a Troll Doll. A 1" Model takes almost exacly an hour. (more to come on times to print sizes)

much more on 3D Printing Trolls coming soon.


There seems to be few and far between Good Troll Doll Videos on Youtube, but we found a few. We also added a few of our own:

Troll Doll Hair Replacement with Yarn:

Troll Doll Banks Unboxing:

Troll Doll Pi Day Song:

Troll Doll St. Pat's Day:

Troll Doll Unboxing Iggy Normous:

Chatty Cathy Part 1 Troll Doll Cleaning Removing Mildew:

Troll Doll Unboxing Iggy Normous INA & FREE Doll Clothes Patterns:

Troll Doll Cleaning Removing Mildew:

Massive Troll Doll Find, Unboxing, Count With Us:

New Troll Doll Review:

A couple I really liked and appreciated are on how to make Yarn Hair for Trolls. I had my own Ideas about how to do this, but it is always good to check other sources before starting some crafts.

These two ladies not only have Beautiful, well Crafted Trolls, they took the time to explain and show JUST how they created their Trolls Hair.

The Troll Channel (she has a lot of Troll Videos, here are a few of my favorites.)
(more links coming, she's fun!)

Hair Replacement:

Yarnie Girls: (I really LOVE the look of this gals Troll Dolls with the way she replaces their hair.
(more links coming)

Sandy Blair (Lots of How Tos on this Craft Channel)
(more link coming)

Making a Felt Troll Doll Outfits: (I like this one, we all did this as kids...when we were kids and Troll Dolls were a new thing!)

[color=#ff0000]PLEASE NOTE:

WARNING: Restoring Vintage Dolls is Fun and Rewarding, <whispers the next part of this paragraph> but it can not only get expensive, you will want more and more Dolls to work on and Display. You have been warned. <laughs and winks>

DISCLAIMER: I have written here on our Website what I have done on my own Dolls and what has worked for me. I have described how I went about each step as best as I could. I will not be held responsible for what you do to the Dolls you are working on. I am not there, I can not see your Dolls or how they are made or the shape they are in. ALL I AM TELLING YOU HERE ON THIS PAGE AND IN OUR VIDEOS, IS WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US.


The new generation of Trolls comes to us by Disney who bought the Troll Doll Paten on all things Trolls.....not sure I am happy about that.

I have a few of these dolls and other items in my Collection. And have done a few Videos.

Deron found these Cookies and thought I might like to try them. I shared our trying them on a Video.

Deron and I enjoy Lego now and then, so when Deron saw this set.... Here's a little Review on a bagged set I found with Poppy Troll in a Cart.

The contents of this page for Troll Doll is still under construction. Please check back often.

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