3D Printed Troll Dolls

Deron 3D Printed Troll Dolls for me. It is so fun and choosing the colors and or filament adds to the excitement. Most Troll Doll Collectors will LOVE these, and want to add them to their own collection.

While I do have 3D Troll Dolls on the Troll Doll Page, I also decided to give the 3D Printed a page of their own.

3D Trolls come off the Printer with no hair or eyes or, well?, anything. Once off the Printer, the Crafts begin....reread, 'The Fun Begins'.

much more to come, more photos, more videos, more information, more FREE Give Aways.

The First Model

I found a Troll Doll Model, for FREE on line. We had so much fun Printing it. We also shared it with my Youtube Subscibers. We did a couple videos.

The first showing of the 3D. We also did a "Give Away". No, we do not sell the 3D Troll Dolls.....sorry. We are not, at this time, sure of what the laws are about selling 3D Printed items. We are however, going to give more away for FREE!

This video is on How To Put the Printed Troll Hair, after Fashioned, onto the 3D Printed Troll Doll.

I Found Other Models On Line ~ our 2nd Model

Looking on line I found another Model (pattern) for a 4" Troll Doll made using an Ace Jewel Belly Troll Doll for the pattern. I REALLY like this detailed Model/Pattern. The head, where the hair goes, is VERY wide and does take a lot of materials to cover.

I also found an 18" Dam Troll Doll Model on line, but have yet to receive the Model (Pattern) to make up some of these.

3D Model Sizes

One thing I really like about the 3D Printing is the size change. Deron has Printed many different sized of the Ace Model/Pattern for me and it is fun to see how it all comes out and compare between the sizes.

One Model, that is, Pattern, can be made up in any size the person doing the Printing chooses. However, you do have to have the correct type and size Printer before you can make the Models/Patterns HUGE! And of course, I would LOVE a Huge Troll Doll! What Collector would not?!

The 3rd Model We Printed

The third model of Troll Dolls we printed is really cute. It is made like the Trolls from the Movie World Tour. This model has holes in the top of it's head so that you can add hair...embroidery thread was suggested from the person that made the Model.

This Model's Head and Body are separate, and that means that the head can be turned.

We had some problems with this Model, so Deron had to 'tweek' it a bit.

A Body For The McDonald's Happy Meal Pencil Top Troll Heads

This would be our 4th Model that we Printed.

I like this because I did not like the head sitting alone along side all my Troll Dolls in my Collection. Sitting on this body, is so much better. The body can be painted and or dressed.

5th 3D Troll Doll Print = A Planter

I found this 3D Troll Doll Planter, or so it is called on line, and wanted to see how it looked. We Printed it in Pink to start. It was hard to clean up, getting the 'support' filament off of it.

Deron reprinted this model, but in the model w/o the skirt. It was easier to clean up.

I like these two, call them 5th A and 5th B, but their eyes are going to be hard to print without them looking odd. Also both Models are very hard to clean up and as far as a Planter....?????

6th Model is Jointed

Deron first tried to print all the pieces at once, only to find a mess...the filament had drug across another piece that drug across....well? You get the idea.

So the 2nd time he printed the pieces, he did them one by one. It has 13 pieces.

The contents of this page for 3D Printed Troll Dolls is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Dolls Rescued Team
Thu, 21 May 2020 11:52:56 -0400

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